Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How's Your Happiness Index?

If the big bang had lasted just a fraction of a second less than it did; everything would have collapsed back in upon itself.

If the big bang had lasted just a fraction of a second longer than it did; everything would have exploded in one big fireball.

Instead, the big bang lasted the exact, precise length of time necessary to form an expanding universe full of galaxies, stars and planets.

I'm fairly happy about that.

Than I am alive upon a planet the perfect distance from a star for life to thrive makes me very happy indeed!

Everything after should be considered a bonus.

We've all known people who seem happy nearly all the time, regardless of circumstance; and others, who seem to never find so much as an ounce of happiness no matter how much of it surrounds them.

Happiness is a by-product of life.  It does not discriminate between the deserving and non-deserving; that, is a purely human trait. 

Clearly, happiness is a valued commodity in today's chaotic world, perhaps more so than ever.  As with the concept of love, happiness is often harder to define than we think it should be.  it's not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing; it's way more personal than that; just like love.

Love and happiness can often travel together, but not always.  Love can bring about happiness, yet happiness does not guarantee love, in every instance.

What constitutes happiness is different for everyone; what sends one to the height of ecstasy may not even rate mild interest from others; and vice versa.

"It isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you
   are doing that makes you happy or un-happy: it's what you think about."
                                                                   ~Dale Carnegie~

 Happiness is as fleeting as the visit from a hummingbird on a sunny day, and like the hummingbird; happiness also comes and goes on its own schedule & agenda.

Happiness cannot be commanded, or demanded...it simply is, and then after a while it goes away or changes form into some other emotion.

Is happiness the opposite or absence of sadness?
Not always, no.

Ones life may be totally devoid of sadness without having a speck of happiness to show for it.  Likewise, one may find true happiness in many things while still feeling sadness on other levels.  They are not interchangeable or mutually exclusive energies.

We're more complicated than that.

On the world web there are no shortages of tests and such one may use to gauge their happiness index on some chart or another.  That is fine for those who are happy with such things; but the simpler approach is to make sure your happiness index doesn't become your misery index.

As the human condition continues to degrade, finding happiness becomes more important than ever in the stagnant dystopian landscape around us.  The power elite certainly seem to rejoice in ever increasing regulations and restrictions of freedom, and liberty; as if they're trying to see how much repression humanity as a whole will tolerate.

While some people pursue happiness so intently they totally miss some obvious opportunities; other people find great happiness in even the smallest of things. 

When happiness catches us unaware and settles in for a while the first thing we want is more, we want to extend the happiness hoping it will stay around longer; yet knowing that it cannot be held prisoner. 

We can become happiness junkies if we're not judicious.  An awful lot of addictions are started by trying to recapture the sensation of the first time something made us happy. 
We should be smart enough going in to realize we can never duplicate the first experience of anything.  That is exactly why the first experience of anything is so special!

Stress is a primary happiness antidote and can not only eradicate happiness, but even prevent it's re-growth as well.  Reducing & managing our stress may not in itself bring about happiness, but what it does is create the space in which happiness can bloom forth.

Some seek happiness outside of themselves, as a resource from the material world, while others seem to discover a well spring of happiness within themselves without looking for it.

There is the kind of happiness you find; then there is the kind of happiness you create.

There is the kind of happiness when our children make us proud, or when we exceed our own expectations for ourselves.  Still, I think the best we can hope for with happiness is to acknowledge it when we feel it, without trying to either hunt or capture it.

Then there is the almost evil kind of happiness some people find in making those around them as miserable and agitated as possible.  Failing to find or create their own happiness they satisfy themselves in spoiling the happiness of others, as if a sport.

I am all too happy to avoid such folks.

There is the kind of happiness we feel in the successful competition of a difficult task at the end of the day when our bones are tired.

Each of us has the choice and chance to awaken each day with a speck of happiness for what the day may bring, and what we might accomplish with the time.  We can monitor our thoughts to create a fertile environment for hapiness.

We can also try giving happiness a home in our hearts.  We can open our hearts to happiness instead of closing them off trying to make happiness a full time prisoner.

Compromise seems a constant in life, and its no different with happiness.  If we want to either find or create happiness quite often some compromise is required.  The trick is to not compromise that which makes your happiness possible in the first place.

There are no short cuts to happiness, yet at the same time it can pop up in front of you when least expected, which makes a good case for knowing what you want.

Unfortunately, far too often we humans must learn the lessons involved when we attach our happiness to the emotional affection of others.  Having someone else be responsible for our happiness can be the slipperiest of slopes; especially when things get very tough.

Sometimes folks get trapped into measuring their happiness and self-worth in the esteem others hold for them, good or ill.

It gets really interesting when we attempt to balance our spiritual happiness with physical happiness in this life.  While they may seem polar opposites, they really aren't; not if you go about it the right way.  Finding that balance point is what makes it challenging.   

The average worker gets up earlier than they'd like, rushes thru the rote morning routine  to fight traffic, to get to a job they hate, being around people they dislike, then grinds home thru still heavier traffic . . . hard to find happiness in that rat race agenda.  That's the whole point!

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it
will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort."
                                                            ~ Herm Albright ~

There is the false happiness of dime-a-dozen-divas, and other brightly colored fast moving objects which are created by our false economy and false society to keep us distracted... for a while longer.  We see these diversions for what they are, entertainment for the lower chakras; but we don't mistake them for real happiness. 

That ocean side home with the magnificent view certainly brings happiness...and high maintenance in a never ending battle with salt and corrosion.  Life is compromise.

Most people think of money straight away, when happiness comes to mind; despite the ages old wisdom that happiness cannot be so cheaply bought.  Indeed some find happiness of a sort in the possessions money can buy; yet so often in the end they too late understand the true definition of possession. 

Happiness may also be found in the experiences that money can buy.  The accumulation of experience certainly serves us more than the collection of things...depending entirely of course on the kinds of experiences one seeks out. 

Fulfilling, or destructive?

Top astronomers estimate that nearly 90% of the material needed to make new stars is gone.  After just 14 billion years and already we're in the grip of entropy.  Experts have long held that the rate at which the universe is expanding from the big bang is slowing down; and that it will some day eventually collapse back in upon itself, with the entire universe ultimately consumed in one all-consuming black hole.

One cosmic breath,
an exhale followed by an inhale
with all of creation come and gone between the two.

I figure that leaves us all a few billion more years to let some happiness find us!

May the Source be with You!

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Monster Called Jingle Bells

Up in northern Wisconsin there is a respectable sized puddle of water named Birch Lake, near the sleepy little lumber town of Laona.  It's where my folks grew up, and eventually married.  Back then dad was a businessman and mom taught high school English.  I was but three years old when dad's career relocated the family to the southwest.

I might have grown up thinking that city life was normal except for the fact that family ties took us back to spend most of every summer on Birch lake.  It was my annual reboot from nature, and I looked forward to it more than anything else. 

Birch lake was my training ground for learning how to get on out in the quiet places, and unlike most kids learning those skills, the lessons came from my mom.  A tomboy from the start, she could identify every species of tree that grew in such abundance surrounding the lake, and every creature living there.  She taught me wood lore, and how to respect nature, and the forest.  While mom's skill set made her the quintessential woods person, her first love was fishing; and every summer we'd spend countless hours of the day and night dragging fishing lures around that lake.

Now as one might expect; growing up in a family oriented to the outdoors, there was no shortage of campfire stories.  We of course heard about such legendary creatures as the Hodag, and side-hill gulger which were standard fare for those parts back in the day.  There were also the much more intriguing family stories told every summer, and of these, none were more appealing to me than the lake monster called Jingle Bells

Fishermen on Birch lake primarily fished for walleye pike, and northern pike which were plentiful, and some bass as well if you knew just where to look for them.  Although some disputed it at the time, many claimed there were also a few Muskellunge or Muskies, (the largest and most aggressive species of pike), living in the lake.  Over the years the legend grew of a fish in Birch lake that could not be caught.  Plenty of people had hooked this wily fish, including mom, but nobody had ever landed him.  In fact, mom claimed to have hooked him on no less than three occasions over the years.  As the story went, this fish had been hooked so many times there were numerous lures still hanging from his mouth, and when he shook his head violently to escape, they sounded like sleigh bells, so the locals took to calling him Jingle Bells.

Other members of the family had also seen the monster fish hooked, only to escape yet again.  Fishermen would come from all over to get a shot at Jingle Bells, and even though some very nice walleyes & northerns were pulled from Birch lake, nobody ever landed a monster muskie with a tackle box full of lures in its mouth.  The legend grew.

By the time I was twelve or so I'd actually grown tired of hearing about the mythical muskie, and even doubted it could still be alive after all these years.  However, I never grew tired of fishing with mom, so I learned to suspend disbelief, at least for the duration of the fishing trip.  I didn't even mind that she allowed no motors on her boat, because she always insisted on rowing.  She said there was a skill to rowing the boat without announcing your presence to the fish.  She was right, of course; so I watched, and learned.  I did get a few fishing trips in with dad, but mostly he hung out with kids his own age, the good old boys club and all that.  He liked to entertain business partners & clients during much of his annual vacation; offspring not invited.

It was June of 1963, my fourteenth summer at birch lake and the family had long understood that I was going to follow in mom's footsteps.  When I wasn't out on the lake I was up in the woods somewhere.  Although open to public fishing, the property surrounding the lake was owned by my grandfather and his brothers, so only family members owned parcels and cabins on the lake shore.  It was like having my very own wilderness paradise; what kid wouldn't just love that?

I was especially looking forward to this summer, having been told I was getting my own boat for my birthday.  It was supposed to be dad's secret gift, but mom clued me in for some reason, which in no way diminished the cool factor.  It was also the summer I'd chosen to duplicate one of mom's famous feats from the past; swimming the measured mile distance from the dock, out to the island.  Yes, this was going to be a summer to remember.  

As was the custom, other members of the extended family also dropped by every summer as they were able, so there was nearly always a full house.  In the evenings gramps would have a game of bridge going on near the crackling fire in the stone fireplace; as his various grandchildren would busy themselves with games and such.  Other family members would spread out around the place, engaged in one activity or another.  All of the activity would occasionally be punctuated by the popping of sap in the fire, or the snapping of mousetraps going off somewhere unseen.

There was no such thing as a video game back then, and TV not permitted in the cabin didn't prevent us from enjoying ourselves.  My cousins and I could spend hours trying to swing a wire loop on a string, onto a hook nailed to the wall.  Sounds easy until you try it!

Hours after sunset as everyone was settling in, the evening bite was on, so mom and I went fishing cause there were many mouths to feed, that they couldn't all fit in the boat was a double blessing!  Mom's boat was easily the oldest craft on the lake; a 16 foot wood rowboat.  The thing was big, and heavy for a smaller boat, and although it readily cried out for a motor, none was ever attached.  The oars were long & heavy as well.

Moving away from the dock with all our gear aboard, the boat was lethargic at first; but after a dozen powerful strokes it was soon gliding across the moonlit lake with purpose.  I think rowing that boat was moms therapy because she never tired of it, or shared it.  If she was in the boat she was rowing because nobody knew Birch lake like my mom.  In our first hour on the lake we picked up two nice Walleyes and a small northern pike we had to release for being undersize. 

Mom never used rod holders, preferring to pin the end of her rod to the bottom of the boat with her right foot.  She claimed doing it that way gave her more of a feel for what was going on.  When she hooked a fish we'd trade seats and I'd take over rowing.  When moms leg got tired from holding the rod down, she's reel in her lure and I'd send my line out. 
By the time the evening chill was setting into our bones we'd picked up a third walleye and were close to being ready to call it a night.  I had my line out, trolling a fancy new artificial frog lure I'd bought in town.  Mom scoffed when I rigged it up, showing her the swimming action of the rubber legs.  She probably hadn't bought a new lure in years, preferring to stick with what she knew worked.  She was fond of saying that fishing lures were made to catch fishermen, not fish.   Undaunted, I was putting my hopes on the sexy frog lure.

We'd decided to troll the deepest area of the lake a few times, then call it a night.  We talked of this and that in whispers, as we fished, being that voices carry on the water, and aren't a natural lake sound.  Mom always said if you want to catch the big fish, you have to think like one.  On our third pass my line suddenly began speeding off the reel into the water.  "Mom, stop rowing, I just snagged the bottom" I said, almost bored.  Shaking her head; mom says "Start reeling, its a sandy bottom here, nothing down there to snag, it's a fish!"

Very soon the line was tight, and still felt like a snag, except there was some give to the thing.  Convinced I'd snagged a waterlogged piece of sunken driftwood, my level of excitement was accordingly low.  I kept reeling as my arm muscle began burning against the dead weight on the end of my line.  Suddenly the driftwood on my rod took back about ten yards of line, and I was now playing tug-of-war with something quite powerful.  With my excitement level appropriately raised, I braced myself, and leaned into the fight.

Being no stranger to fishing this lake, I'd had my share of good sized fish, but not even the biggest fought anything close to what I had on my line.  Determined to land this fish I set the drag all the way tight so I could wear him down.  Mom saw me set the drag and just nodded, with a really huge grin on her face.  With my right arm feeling like it was on fire, I could see that I'd recovered most of my line: whatever I had; was just below the boat. 

Mom popped the oars out and stowed them up front, then reached for the flashlight as I wrestled my unseen opponent closer to the surface.  She was actually laughing when I heard her ask, "Still think you've got a snag?"  I was too busy proving myself a fisherman to come up with a snappy reply, I think I just grunted "Nope."  After cranking in a couple more yards of line everything just went slack, no resistance.  I was thinking I'd lost the fish when he slapped his enormous tail up alongside the boat as he broke the surface. 
Mom shined the spotlight over the left side of the boat, revealing the tail end of this fish.  Moving the light to the other side we were looking the monster called Jingle Bells right in the face.  For those who've never fished for pike, they are a long, slender fish with a mouth full of very sharp teeth.  Think fresh water barracuda!  Now in the commotion I don't recall hearing the famous sound associated with the legend, but with no less than six old fishing lures hanging from his mouth, and the tangles of broken lines looking like deformed whiskers, there could be no doubt this was the infamous muskie.

So, here I am, nearly exhausted, holding onto my fishing rod for dear life with Jaws trying to pull me out of the boat and I hear mom laughing again: "You still think Jingle Bells is dead son?"  My immediate dilemma prevented me from grasping the humor at the moment.  All that was left was to land this monster fish.  Not so easy if you're fishing on moms boat because she's something of a purist; who doesn't believe in using nets or gaff hooks.  Swell, just great.  With this fish starting to act like he was getting his second wind, we had to figure out how to get him on that boat without getting ripped to shreds by those teeth.  Then with a graceful flick of her fillet knife mom cut the line.  As Jingle Bells slid back into the black depths of the lake beyond the power of the spotlight, mom very matter-of-factly says: "Guess your sexy frog worked after all."

With that she replaced the oars, pointed the boat for the dock and began rowing us back  home.  We sat there just looking at one another, smiling in silence over the little adventure we'd just shared.  It wasn't a time for words.  Some things are just beyond simple language.  I looked around the lake all peaceful and serene again after the battle, noticed my hands were still shaking, and not from the chilled night air.  I couldn't shake the image of that monstrous face full of teeth or the enormity of that fish from my mind.  Fish like that just aren't supposed to exist!

The warm lights from the cabin were inviting as we neared the dock.  Still not exactly sure why mom had cut the line, I asked her what she was gonna tell everyone.  "Why, I'm going to tell them you caught Jingle Bells, but he got away the same way as always."  It took me a few seconds to catch her exact meaning, but I wanted to be sure, so I asked, "Do you mean you cut him loose three times before?"  She paused a moment as if re-living a poignant memory, then softly said, "Twice, I cut him loose twice before tonight, the first time he broke my line."

After my own experience with this legendary fish I found myself in agreement with mom: Yes he might look great mounted on the wall as a trophy, but I liked him better right where he was, knowing the rubber frog hanging from his mouth is mine!  He knows I caught him, that's all that really matters. 

Over the following years whenever the stresses of the material world sent me scurrying for my happy place invariably that place would be memories of Birch lake.  When times were really harsh, and I needed something more, I'd find myself back in that rowboat, talking with mom.  Always seemed to clear the skies of dark clouds. 

Mom passed away the year before I moved to Alaska.  She never pushed me to become a doctor or lawyer because she knew the world has plenty of those.  Instead she always told me to just follow my heart, so that's what I did.  A few years later I was certain I could feel mom smiling down on me when she saw that I was living with my family in the wilderness and teaching my daughter wood lore. 

Full circle.

Of course when my daughter was born I couldn't wait to send photos to my father, and sister, so they could update their family photo albums.  It was a couple of weeks later when I received a letter back from my sister.  The envelope was fat with a handful of old photos...really old, from the 1920's.  A brief note accompanied the photos: "After seeing pictures of your new daughter, I think you should have these old photos of mom at about the same age.  Grampa sent them to me when mom passed away, they are yours now."

In my hand were eight photos of my mom taken when she was just under a year old. 
I laid them all on the table in a row, then got the photos sent to my sister & laid them alongside.  

Except for the clothing, it looked like the same exact baby in both sets of pictures!

I'm not talking slight resemblance here, more like Xerox copy.

Not just an uncanny resemblance, a downright spooky one!

Most astounding of all, I'd sent my sister a
picture of my daughter sitting with our black cat:
She sent me one of mom sitting with a white cat!

Mom always did have a well developed sense of humor.

© 2015 full re-post with permission only

May the Source be with You

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Friday, March 20, 2015

None So Blind

Who doesn't love a good mystery?  We read them and perhaps more frequently; watch them on everything from an iphone to a 60 inch HD plasma TV screen.  Our minds like sinking into a mystery, trying to figure it out before the reveal.  Some folks are kinda like a pit bull with a rag doll when it comes to mysteries; they won't quit chewing it apart till they figure it out.  I'm one of those.

Increasingly over the last four years; my mind jumps back & forth between what has happened to this planet, and the refusal of so many to acknowledge said peril on any level. I fluctuate like a ping pong ball between deep sadness over what has happened and mind numbing incredulity at how nobody wants to acknowledge it.

 Interesting hobby. 

When my mind encounters something it doesn't or cannot understand, I seek to gain that understanding, sometimes to the point of analysis paralysis; and I simply don't yet understand this planet wide denial syndrome.  It's not for the lack of trying.

 I blog for one reason, to share information. I have no interest in spending precious time & energy trying to change minds which are rigidly closed.  The only minds I care about reaching are those absorbing information. 

When I was in school I took debate for three years; and not once did anyone ever win an argument on the weight of their denial alone.  Yet in these days of Faux News and spin doctors the simple act of denying something seeks equal merit as the facts.  Doesn't work that way.

Attempting to understand what is at the root of this civilization-wide denial syndrome:
I wonder if it isn't a by-product of the great awakening.

Millions of folks worldwide have been "waking up" to a great many rude and unpleasant facts about how the power elite have turned this place into a prison planet.  They just start to get a handle on things when we're blindsided by Fukushima.  That'll sure as hell spill the wind from your sails.  The straw that broke the camels back, a bridge too far. 

The good news is that humanity is awakening right on time, and the matrix's days are numbered.  The bad news is; the planet is dying from radiation poisoning, and we're on our own now.  And your rent is overdue.  As if just surviving the day anymore isn't difficult enough sometimes, and on top of personal dilemmas, the world is dying.

Humans can only see less than 3% of the visible spectrum, and can only hear around 2% of the acoustic spectrum.  Most haven't even begun to use the chakra system properly; so maybe we shouldn't be so quick to think we know everything.  Maybe we also have such limits on how much cognitive dissonance the mind can cope with. 

Evolution and the natural world equip all animals with an instinct for self preservation.  A part of this survival mechanism called the discount rate deals with the recognition of and response to life threatening situations.  Animals like a rabbit for example who are weak and tasty have a low discount rate meaning they disregard almost no threats they perceive.  On the other end of the spectrum are animals like the lion, who have few life threatening situations, thus a high discount rate, because few animals pose them a threat.

Like the king of beasts, humans enjoy a high discount rate, albeit artificial in the extreme. We gauge life threatening things on a kind of triage system generally speaking, paying the most attention to the most pressing danger...except Fukushima.  When it comes to that subject our discount rate goes thru the roof to 1000%.  Lets go back for a moment to the lion.  If the grasslands he lives in were burning and closing in, he would get his arse up and leave.  All the animals around would also leave, or try to hide.  None of them would ignore the threat, would they.  We certainly do!

Unfortunately the solution for earths problems aren't as easy as the lions because there's nowhere we can go to escape the nuclear fire.  Nothing has been done or even tried to stop Fukushima's spewing and there's no way to protect our loved ones, no answers.  As it turns out about the worst thing we can do is to just deny & ignore the problem.  Deer in the headlights.

Perhaps the answer is that we're simply not equipped to cognate at the level of human extinction.  Kinda like when Columbus's ships were first sighted by north Americans.  Because none of them had ever seen or even conceived something like a sailing ship, all they could "see" were the canvas sails which they took to be simply clouds.  Only after the shaman had greeted men coming ashore in rowboats could he begin to see the ships beneath those sails.  As the word spread, within a short time the other members of the tribe also began seeing the ships.

Despite hundreds of dead whales washing ashore and sea life dying off the entire length of the pacific coast, nobody wants to "see" the problem because then it would have to be addressed.  Too bad radiation isn't visible like oil spills are, but even then those who refuse to see will continue living in denial. 

 No matter how much proof, evidence or facts are presented, it will never be enough for some.  They'll use false equivalency to discredit everything they aren't yet able to cognate; then categorically deny facts agreed upon by leading scientists.  When all else fails, if you persist upon shoving their nose in a pile of reality, they'll resort to verbal abuse and character attacks.  These are some seriously closed minds, and to be truthful here, not worth the effort.  Leave them be in what bliss their intentional ignorance can give them. 

Because most folks still attach emotional value to their belief systems; they can become quite annoyed and even angry when confronted with cold harsh reality like human extinction.  They get this way because it's rude of us to remind them of the genetic mutations and cancers their children and grandchildren will know.  Such thoughts are painful, why should we attack them this way?   Uhh, is anyone forcing you to read things you don't want to know about, or is yours just the blanket type of denial where reading facts doesn't matter?  Selective reality syndrome.

Those who willfully ignore the subject as if it never happened do so to defend whatever it is they are working towards in the future.  A world class dream killer is embracing the planet with invisible death, and if your future plans don't take that into account, what possible good are those plans? 

All I'm talking about here is acknowledging reality.
 Not the reality you thought you were going for,
but the reality that is. 
That's all.

Why is that so hard?

It's not as though Fukushima is some urban legend or internet rumor.  It happened; and it will continue to spew nuclear death into the air and sea because nobody anywhere knows what to do.  Hmmm; too late now but perhaps it wasn't too smart to build a nuke plant near the ocean on a fault line like Fukushima...and San Onofre in California.  Hey, for that matter, maybe we shouldn't have ever messed with atomic power until we were intelligent enough to safely contain and dispose of nuclear waste, but that's just me.

If  you are one of those who always blows off due diligence to skim by on the virtue of what chance may bring, remember what Louis Pasteur said: "Chance favors the prepared mind."  The un-prepared mind, ahhh, not so much.  Then on the other hand we have the preppers who not only acknowledge reality but are stocked up for a couple decades of it.  Opposite ends of the extinction spectrum.  One group intentionally sees nothing while the other sees only the danger, to the exclusion of other obvious considerations. 

"Sometimes you have to give up on people,
not because you don't care but because they don't"

We hear from some who disparage the message saying such things like "I'll only listen to positive things" Well, OK then, Fukushima is positively an extinction level event.  Happy now?  As much as I hate to disillusion the sky blue & dandy bunch, the future sucks! Now for old farts like myself that is nearly a moot point, but for someone much younger who just had their entire future stolen away, its way more devastating. 

In all honesty I am quite shocked at how bad things are after just four years, I thought it would take much longer to kill the pacific ocean.  This is not a good sign.  Factor in all the chicken hawks pushing for world war three with Russia and I get a bit nervous thinking this time they might really do it.  If another nuclear war develops; the devastation added to what has already happened would be beyond catastrophic.

Now, along with thousands of dead marine mammals washing ashore there is something else that nobody wants to acknowledge washing ashore as well, bodies of dead aquatic humanoids.  Mermaids and Mermen to be exact.  Dead ones have been found a few times before Fukushima, but now these incidents are increasing.  Soon no amount of censorship, cover-up or conspiracy will be able to prevent the reporting of dead aquatic humanoids.  Just like with the whales and seals.  We've relegated aquatic apes to the same category as bigfoot, or UFO's and attempt to ridicule our discomfort away because it doesn't fit within our belief system.  That's certainly an enlightened approach for a species that is nearly blind and deaf.

Does life imitate art?  In perhaps as soon as a few years we're going to see increasing rates of children born with non-life threatening mutations as a result of all this free range radiation.  How will we react to these new humans?  Will we embrace them into our culture, nurture them and provide for their needs, or will we reject them, or worse?

 I think we all know how that will play out.  Maybe this is where the transhuman agenda comes into play.  Perhaps the matrix minders seek to create a cyber-humanoid which can exist on a radioactive planet, in a synthetic body.  No thanks, I'll pass!

Another thing I wonder about is if this population wide denial syndrome is an intended by-product of the chemtrail and GMO food campaigns.  Seems like it could be a possibility, or maybe it's just us being unable to cope with something on this scale. 

We so badly want for this to all be a bad dream we can't wake up from; that we'll even put stock into reports from Japanese scientists claiming radiation is less harmful and easier to clean up than previously thought.  Really?  Japanese scientists!!  Let me just tell you something.  Nuclear radiation does not respond to wishful thinking or bold face lies!

Taking the word of Japanese scientists about radiation effects is like getting henhouse status reports from the fox.  "The hens & eggs are fine; the sky is blue, all is dandy and the future is bright."  Puzzle me this, if the Japanese think radiation is so harmless how come on the videos all their workers are in full radiological safe suits?  How about that?

It isn't just marine life that is dying out; all kinds of mass bird deaths are being reported with alarming frequency.  As with the oceans, the first to go will be the smallest and frailest creatures having nearly zero tolerance for radiation.  Seen any hummingbirds recently?  The feeders outside my California window used to attract squadrons of hummingbirds; they're gone this year, I haven't seen a one.

If you keep a garden, how's it doing this year?  Was it healthier last year? 

Human history on this planet is not a smooth trek from its beginnings till now.  There are entire periods where little or nothing is known about.  Times when civilization seemed to stop for several thousand years or so, then rise up again.  Here too we find the same type of staunch denial, which has given rise to forbidden archaeology in an effort to hide the truths of long, long ago from the people of the present.  Why so much secrecy?  How many times has civilization ended?

The more I ponder on this, the more it reminds me of how people react to the death of a loved one.  I think maybe I'm on to something here, because almost always the first reaction is stunned disbelief.  In such moments everything around us shifts, time dilation mimics weird camera effects as we're momentarily adrift in time and space.  Then the weight of it begins to set in.  Depending on who you read, there are 5 to 8 additional steps in the grief process, but denial is always the first. 

Could it be that all this planet-wide denial is just the first stage of grief ?

Here in the now; the matrix ramps up its campaign of syncopated pandemonium to more insane levels every week, ensuring that everything is kept at a brisk & frothy boil.  We are staggering around like a punch drunk prize fighter in a standing eight count.  We aren't out of the fray yet, in fact we have yet to get our second wind. 

We can't let this planetary disaster to take us down.  In any disaster you care to name, you'll see no shortage of people rising to the occasion, and helping others.  In such times differences are set aside and people come together for the common good.  It's what we do.  Well folks, the disaster has happened, the slow motion extinction of humanity is at hand; shouldn't we be busy coming together and helping each other?  Unplug your mind from the matrix, think for yourself. 

Those who are in extinction denial still have a rough road ahead as they transit thru the phases of anger, bargaining, and depression on their road to acceptance.  Try to remember that as you encounter them.  Be as gentle as you can without empowering wishful thinking.  Also remember that they are likely confused and disoriented in their state of emotional denial, so be patient with them too, though they be annoying.

As horrific as it sounds, we are four years into an extinction level event from which there is no escape.  It's almost as if something just swept away all the things which distract us from our spiritual self, and path.  Now that all the artificial, bogus, illusionary crap has lost meaning, maybe instead of chasing after status we will at long last turn towards our souls to help us find the way home.  You have all had four years to struggle with your grief & disbelief now; isn't that long enough?  Don't you think maybe now is a good time to progress to the next level.  If you enjoy your denial, you're just gonna love the anger phase.  When you reach the next stage just don't kill the messengers. When you find that anger, take it out on the matrix, use it to take down the great shining lie.

Guess it's true after all, there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

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May The Source Be With You

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Requiem for an Equinox

by: Soren Dreier & Chautauqua

We humans are a pretty resilient bunch.  We can absorb a tremendous amount of setback or grief without giving in to the negativity.  On a personal level and even within the collective consciousness, we can take a punch.  We don't give up easily, because it just leaves a bad aftertaste in our throat. 

We humans also have a pronounced capacity to disregard things which violate our sense of dignity and justice.  Whether it is pedophile priests, genocide in Darfur or environmental crisis; humans can block it out to the point of madness.  We simply put all such subjects into a mental folder labeled "Things not affecting me which I can do nothing about" and go on about our participation in the rat race.  

With the 9-11 false flag event the matrix launched humanity into a whole new level of cognitive dissonance.  It was the first shot of the matrix endgame, which launched humanity into the time the Hopi people call Naqoyqatsi, which translates into "Life as War."  The chorus line of wars which followed 9-11 are a thinly veiled campaign of conquest for resources and treasure; home invasion on a global scale. 

We've passed the point at which we can just brush this all off as the new normal and continue on our own little lives.  It no longer fits the category of the folder we filed it away in because it is affecting all of us, and will continue to do so.  The trouble is after all this time if we start pulling issues out of that folder of things to be ignored, maintaining any level of sanity gets real sketchy.  So we leave them in there.  It's just easier that way.

The matrix provides us with constant stimulation and circuses to distract us from connecting too many dots; because they fear us if we ever were to become united against them.  They constantly keep their illusion reality pumped up nowadays because they know if they hit us with overwhelming negativity it will crush our will to resist.  The matrix minders know how we avoid the unpleasant realities, and they've been counting on it all along.

This conditioning began generations ago and the programming is updated on the fly to construct the consensus reality of the matrix we accept as daily life.  Once we are plugged into the system and dependent upon the grid it becomes very difficult to free ourselves; so we just go with the flow.  It's easier that way.

All the while, that mental folder gets fatter and fuller, it's overflowing, cluttering up the subconscious landscape.  On every level our inherent goodness is attacked by the matrix as they trot out one massive deception after another; boiling us down to the lowest common denominator in the process.  They are overloading our capacity to process and integrate information with a tsunami of root chakra stimulations designed to keep us focused upon our vices rather than our virtues. 

What a crock of shit.

The industrial giants have polluted this planet on an industrial scale for well over a hundred years and yet we must use approved light bulbs and monitor our carbon footprint because we are a threat to the ecosystem and a blight upon the environment.  What utter dystopian doublespeak.  They've been spraying the skies above earth with chemtrails since 1995 and yet that cigarette butt you tossed on the sidewalk is some kind of environmental disaster?  One huge crock of shit.

As a manufactured debate over global warming makes millions for those causing it, everyone everywhere is totally ignoring the long term consequences of Fukushima, as if it never happened!  The mental folder of all unpleasant things to be ignored has expanded to an entire file cabinet with Fukushima related issues, and there are many.

The first and most obvious issue is that nobody anywhere knows what to do about it.  The geography of Fukushima rules out encasing the site in cement as the Russians did at Chernobyl, so it has just continued to spew nuclear radiation into the ecosystem these last four years.  The governments of the world are unable to help, they are clueless how to stop this thing.  Angela Jolie likes to travel and collect orphans to bring public attention to important issues; yet we don't see her flying to Japan.  Right now Leonardo Dicaprio is busy financing a search of the worlds oceans for the worlds loneliest whale...WTF buddy, what the hell are you smoking?  He has the inside connections, he knows the score...one massive deception.

It's all rather reminiscent of something Kurt Vonnegut said in 'Breakfast of Champions,'  "Kilgore Trout once wrote a short story which was a dialogue between two pieces of yeast.  They were discussing the possible purposes of life as they ate sugar and suffocated in their own excrement.  Because of their limited intelligence, they never came close to guessing that they were making champagne."

Perhaps the late Stuart Wilde said it best:
 "Earth, what a beautiful planet, shame about the people."

We're well beyond the point where some righteous spiritual anger is called for.  The planet wide cone of silence over all things Fukushima pretty much meets the criteria for mass insanity, wouldn't you say?  Remember not so long ago people flooded the streets by the thousands in protest of an unjust and illegal war in Vietnam; but nowadays they only turn out like that for a new iphone. 

What will it take for humanity to snap out of it and acknowledge Fukushima's impact?  Let's see here, first put some boobs on it and then figure out a way to tax it, how's that?  If world governments could figure out how to turn a profit from Fukushima they'd be fighting each other over who got the contract. 

How do we handle all of this on a spiritual level?  This is a major planetary disaster; and new age jingoistic rhetoric simply won't suffice any longer.  We've never needed transparency and  someone to take action more than now, but instead everyone's making plans for the coming Olympics in Tokyo.  Are you fucking joking?  Seriously, holding the Olympics in Japan is the absolute height of absurdity.  It is like saying we should hold a health care seminar in the Ebola ward. 

Is this moratorium on discussing Fukushima's future legacy some kind of collective emotional survival mechanism hidden somewhere in our DNA?  Is it simply too much, too scary and overwhelming for us to cope with?  Whatever the reason one thing is crystal clear; we don't want to hear about it and don't wish to discuss it. 

Whatever else it is, it just isn't healthy, and that should worry us as well but it doesn't. 

We love end of the world movies like Mad Max because if we didn't Hollywood would quit making so many of them.  Let that scenario manifest in real everyday life where your kids go to school and it's a whole different thing.  Just try bringing up Fukushima in any gathering of people, then observe the looks on the faces of those within earshot.  It's a taboo subject by group consensus.  It is almost as if the true and certain end of life as we've come to know it is just beyond human ability to deal with. 

Here's the thing.  Even if we don't think, or speak about the aftermath of Fukushima and what the future holds for our loved ones; we still know.  That knowledge is within us and cannot be deleted, it's permanent.  The very fact that we refuse to acknowledge this even to ourselves causes much harmonic discord within the spirit, it is a dichotomy that cannot persist; at some point something has to give.  Care to guess what that will be?  How about a wager! 

The Drake Equation is a famous formula for extrapolating the probable number of planets bearing intelligent life in our galaxy.  The part of the equation that speaks to our current reality is the one where the number of probable planets is further reduced by those civilizations who do not survive their technological childhood.  That is us, right now; failing that crucial test.  The only thing gained by our ignoring the problem is assured extinction.   

There are several signs and portents currently which increasingly indicate the matrix will likely instigate the long awaited crowd pleaser known as WW3, perhaps as soon as six months.  One such portent is certainly the cover of the Jan. 2015 issue of the Economist magazine.  In a dystopian parody of a famous Beatles album cover, the clearly matrix inspired artwork contains images of missiles and a mushroom cloud, and two distinct dates: 11.3 and 11.5 each printed on an arrow!  Is that in your face enough?

"I couldn't help wondering if that was what God put me on earth for:
to find out how much a man could take without breaking.~ Kurt Vonnegut ~

So is all of this dystopian nightmare the archon endgame?  Did they see us coming?  Did they succeed - yes it is and yes they did.  They have robbed us of our dignity and robbed Gaia of her pristine oceans.  They have killed, pillaged and destroyed with cold callousness; they got what they wanted and are ready to move on soon.  Were we nothing more than a minor  mosquito caught in the net of planets they control?  Did the matrix take itself out with Fukushima?  We know they have plans for massive depopulation, yet some doubt remains whether that earthquake four years ago had some help or not from the strumming of the H.A.A.R.P. array?  Or, is what we are seeing some kind of scorched earth campaign, a going away present from the archons? 

Were we called here to bear witness to Gaia's murder? 

There are no secret technologies for rendering radiation harmless.
There is nobody coming from anywhere to bail us out. 
No get out of extinction free card.

What can we do?

First of all we need to just step outside of ourselves and get past it all.  We can adjust our expectations; from the physical mundane to the spiritual; and focus upon the needs of our basic soul.  No thought which begins with the words "what if" or "if only" is worth finishing.  Nothing positive can follow those words, so never use them in that order.

We can become emotional healers in the dystopian wasteland.  We can also clean and update our emotional software, because we can't let this take us down.  

We can avoid pessimism, in fact we must avoid it because every negative or pessimistic thought strengthens the neural pathway established for it.  If we never complete a negative thought, those neural pathways degrade.  We can focus on the positive, and build up those neural pathways instead. 

We can forsake the materialistic in favor of the spiritual connection between all humans.  We all laugh and cry the same way, we all love our children and we all bleed red.  The same things make all of us sad, and we all rejoice at the same things.  We can focus on this, we can do that for starters!

We can help one another keep spirits up, to help each other battle depression and find some point of grace.  We can help heal each other emotionally.  Humans have the ability to rise above many difficult things individually, yet collectively we lack experience in actually using that ability.

We could explore who we really are thru the use of DMT, Iboga, or Ayahuasca; because the "laws" against them are absurd.  How can you make a plant illegal?  The whole entire point of making these natural plants illegal is to prevent people from connecting with their soul on the most intimate of levels, to disempower us.  The only reason.

We need to begin doing these things now, because there will be life after Fukushima.  There are places on the planet which will afford some natural protection from the accumulation of radiation.  Here and there small groups of humans will survive.  It has always been that way before and shall be again.  Hide and watch. 

We may or may not become enlightened but soon enough we'll become fluorescent.

Instead of the Aquarian evolution we were expecting, we get this dystopian evolution of a small and insignificant species on a backwater little world.  Bait and switch.  We're all now the passengers in Hitchcock's Lifeboat and if you don't understand the reference watching the movie may give valuable insight of the kind of future ahead of us.  If we cannot find our way to honor people over possessions, pretty soon we'll just be so much flotsam & jetsam floating upon a dead ocean on a dead planet.

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The Fukushima Trilogy

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hearts in Aquarius; The Fukushima Blues

Fukushima Trilogy~Part Three

The longer we walk the spiritual path in this life, the more we encounter this concept that a good many of us volunteered to reincarnate at this pivotal time in history; to assist with the great awakening and the Aquarian evolution. 

It's an appealing idea on a couple of levels but mostly I think because it speaks to that part in us that desires to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  If we can keep our ego out of the equation, this can be a great way to focus our spiritual energy, or at the very least, to help define it for ourselves. 

We knew before we came to this place that it would be hard work, that we'd get unending opposition from the opposition and apathy from the masses.  We knew this would be an uphill struggle with setbacks and disappointment; we even knew about the mandatory memory wipe, and still we said yes because it's just that important.

The universal catalyst for these migrating souls, is the vision of a golden age, when peace would guide the planets and love would steer the stars, Aquarius. 

We thought we were here to witness and help usher in this age of peace & harmony.
No matter how much resistance we got from authority, that vision of a golden age kept our spirits strong, kept us in the good fight.  All that seems like a million years ago now.

All that was before Fukushima.

It's a whole other thing now, and it's forever.

We're going to need a couple of new era designations to go along with BC, AD, & BCE;  Because now time can said to be either BF (Before Fukushima) or AF (After Fukushima) as well.

The world before fukushima was starting to shake off the need for greed and oppression so prevalent over the previous era of Pisces.  Like a bear rising from hibernation, humanity was waking up from the Kali Yuga, hungry for something new which nourishes the soul over the ego. 

In the world after fukushima all our hopes & dreams have been swept off the table along with every future where humanity flourishes and thrives.  We may still be allowed the consolation of having some small, short range dreams here and there; but for all intent & purposes the future has been cast for all of humanity; not cast in stone, but rather in Plutonium & Uranium.

As might be expected, this is really messing with our heads on all levels. 

Although the first choice of many is some form of denial which affords the luxury of getting thru the day on some functional, useful level; you can bet the subconscious mind is chewing things over with all filters off. 

Turns out that radiation is our kryptonite.  When exposed to massive doses the spirit becomes paralyzed, unable to act or dream because the conscious mind knows that there will be no cavalry charging over the hill to save the day, and no fix for fukushima.  Now it doesn't happen immediately but we begin to unconsciously assimilate the ramifications of fukushima upon ourselves and our progeny.  The futures our children and grand children had waiting for them have been stolen and replaced with the stuff of nightmares.

What do we do with that? 

How do we just fold that into our master plan and then explain it to the kids? 

Perhaps the worst part is the point blank execution of hope.

Maybe the Mayans knew what they were talking about!

 As long as people have some hope, no matter how slight, they soldier on towards a magical someday when everything will work out.  When you take away that last spark of hope, despair begins to creep in and poison the thought process. 

A sense of futility starts to take hold as the scope of the fukushima disaster sinks into the cognitive process.  The invisible death of radioactive fallout begins eroding our thoughts and emotions long before it actually enters our bodies. 

On top of all the other present day horrors assaulting our souls and eroding our hopes for a bright future, fukushima is the final straw which breaks the camels back.  Against such overwhelming and total finality, our minds just aren't equipped to cope.  There is no direction home, and we feel lost in the whirlwind. 

History cannot provide answers or salvation because we're beyond history now, this has never happened before, and there are no guarantees that more reactors won't fail in the same way.  In other words don't look for it to ever get better because it could still get much worse.

This is the stuff our subconscious minds are chewing over and its given most of us a case of the fukushima blues as we strive to cope with something of this unholy magnitude. 

We must guard against feelings of futility, and hopelessness even thou they be formidable monsters.  The matrix would love nothing better than all of us in the steel grip of hopelessness. 

The first step is to acknowledge to yourself that we now live in a fundamentally different world than before fukushima; and the second is to readjust your picture of reality to accommodate that.  Easier said than done, believe me, I know.  With these mental updates in place I should think the next step is then to re-assess long range plans, goals and dreams accordingly.

Where we were once programmed to value possessions and status; let us now deny that programming in favor of prioritizing people & relationships over profit & prestige.   If the state of the human condition and the dark future ahead have you feeling there's nothing left to live for, then live for something else that was right there all along.  There is no house, car or possession more valuable than human interaction.  It's always been that way; a pity it takes something like this for us to see it. 

The Fukushima Blues has left the children of Aquarius feeling Godsmacked in stunned confusion, shattering delusions large and small.  How exactly does this fit into the grand scheme of things?  We're struggling to understand. 

All this radioactive contamination of the human food chain; how does that affect our spiritual evolution?  Does it derail the process, or is it somehow critical to & part of our spiritual evolution? 

How do we fight off depression and futility?

Since the foreseeable future is anything but bright, I suggest taking all those pieces of shattered dreams and mystic crystal revelations; and reshaping that energy into something that makes today a little better for somebody. 

You gotta do something that makes sense for you and at the same time acts like a vote for the kind of future you want.  Me?  I bought a couple 3D printers and started a new business; for you it could be teaching firewalking or base jumping.  As long as it fires your passion and gets you involved with your life and in touch with those you love. 

That is more important than ever now.    

We don't have to defeat the matrix anymore.  All we gotta do is quit feeding it.  Stop supporting the matrix with your time and purchase power.  If you keep helping to prop up a dying structure it'll just fall on you when it finally crumbles.  Better to quietly back away now and re-invest your energy towards those who matter to you.  The world ran flat out of easy answers about four years ago; everything from here onward gets way more complicated, sometimes even on good days. 

We can't look to society for help or answers because it's already upside down and backwards.  While our "leaders" all resemble spoiled brat schoolchildren our cops have all become elite military units fighting a hologram war on terrorism.  Soldiers are trained to carry out directives with violence; while policemen traditionally defuse problems with conflict resolution.  When you dress your cops like commandos it blurs the lines between the two and tragedies like Ferguson are the predictable result.

When not stilling the voice of protest with tear gas or gunning down urban youth these militarized cops are also quite handy when it comes to keeping private prisons filled to capacity.  Since 1980 California has built 23 prisons, hired over 1400 prison guards and fired 500 teachers.  Not exactly the Aquarian golden age we were expecting.  That got hijacked, derailed and overshadowed by fukushima.

Giving up is not an option; and yet the insurmountable scope of the fukushima paradigm causes many to think in that direction out of desperation.  The simple truth here is that we only have a small amount of information on which to base our decisions.  This can be both good and bad at the same time, a real catch-22.  Because we don't have all the information; quite literally anything can happen.  To give up with so much unknown at play seems rash.

Here in California we don't have to wonder or guess; we know that "fukushima is here."  We know this from the horrendous number of dead marine mammals washing up on our beaches; and the disappearance of sea life up & down the pacific coast.  As if we needed any more notches on the misery index, California is down to one year of water and less than an inch of topsoil.  Thankfully we have a whole lot of wine.  I have a feeling that will come in handy.

Being an earth steward and child of Aquarius; my heart is saddened beyond description over what is happening and what will come.  Being a father with loved ones living in Alaska, my heart agonizes, knowing my grandchildren will inherit the legacy of fukushima, and then pass it on to their children. 

My soul rages, knowing it could have all been prevented, didn't have to happen.

My heart weeps over the death of the pacific ocean; knowing it presages coming horrors.

My mind rolls the data over like the balls in the lotto machine, but alas, there are no winning combinations in this game of chance. 

Nothing we know or have ever learned can help us out of the freefall nightmare facing humanity, and that's just what it feels like most days - one of those nightmares where you're falling & falling without hitting the bottom.  The horror seeps in once we remember we're not sleeping and this nightmare is real. 

We humans are a strange sort when it comes to hope.  Even though it seems to have taken a fatal hit with fukushima, even though the odds are insurmountable, we will still nurture a tiny spark of hope in our hearts.  Hope that something we have no knowledge of, or right to expect will somehow resolve the situation before its too late for humanity.

I like that about us!

What's the old catch phrase, hope springs eternal?  It's in our nature, not our programming, to harbor hope against all odds.  Its one of those things that makes humanity worth saving. 

One of the first spiritual concepts many are exposed to is the advice, Be in this world, not of it. This little reminder has always served me well in the past, I'm thinking a tattoo will help me remember better as memory fades with age.  A lot of wisdom there, being in this world yet not of it.

Unfortunately, hope alone won't be enough.  We're going to have to adapt to our nuclear future, factoring fallout & contamination into everything.  It will take a while to begin feeling the effects physically, but we'd best get our heads around it before then.  There is of course the Voldemort option of simply ignoring all subjects in your cognitive dissonance buffer, but I have serious doubts that will bring anything but insanity.   

Just look at how well ignoring big problems has worked for us so far!

I'm so glad I lived the life I wanted instead of  putting in 20 years somewhere for a gold watch and pension.  Perhaps some part of me knew the golden years of retirement were really gonna suck.

Just because we got dealt a bad hand doesn't mean we're out of the game.  Depending on how you see things, the future fukushima gives us can be a reason to quit trying, or to try harder than ever for a meaningful life with some dignity and grace. Remember the story about a fellow who was being dragged off to his execution.  A woman on the road offered him some bacon, and he declined saying it was bad for his health!

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May the Source be with You